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Whether you want to call it icing, cake icing, cake frosting, or frosting, we have you covered with our variety of icing recipes. The right type of icing can really make your cake, cupcakes, and any other yummy dessert that much more enjoyable. On the other hand, if the icing or cake frosting is not what you were expecting when you bite into your cake it can be a disappointing experience.

MegzCakes is committed to ensuring all of our customers and readers have a great icing experience! How can we do that? By providing everything from great tasting cake and frosting recipes to the tips for how to make your cake or cupcake look fabulous. We have recipes that are easy to follow and quick to make, as well as recipes for the more adventures or experienced cake and cupcake creators. There are many different icing recipes to choose from depending on your sweet tooth. If you're not sure what to choose, we have recommendations as to which icing will taste the best with certain cakes. If you are on a mission looking for a specific icing, we will have it here for you, even with different versions of ingredients just in case you may be missing an item or two and have to substitute with something on hand.

Icing Recipe List

Are you making a birthday cake? Need some birthday cake decorating ideas? We have recipes for icing that you can make any fun design with.

Icing Decorating Idea

It's not always about the flavour of the cake, what can really take your cake to a new level by incorporating unique and personalization in the cake decoration. The type of icing used to decorate the cake will dictate what type of design you can do. For example, for a very clean smooth appearance to the cake the best type of icing to use is called Fondant icing. There are advantages and disadvantages to all types of icing from a decorating stand point. Buttercream icing is very easy to work with especially if you are new to decorating cakes or want to decorate with your kids and have it taste fantastic. This type of cake frosting can be used to make a wide variety of cake designs with very few limitations.

MegzCakes Tip

If you have a specific design in mind ensure you use the correct type of icing for the design to work. For more informaiton read our working with icing section.

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