Easy Cake Recipes

There are many horror stories related to cooking, baking has it's own unique challenges, we know because we have a few stories along with some baking disasters of our own!! When cooking some adjustments due to error can be compensated for, however, with baking even the most innocent errors can dramatically effect the outcome of the cake. For example, if you accidentally put in 1 teaspoon of baking powder instead of the 1 tablespoon the recipe called for, the cake may not rise in the oven leaving you with a sunken doughy cake. Experimenting in the kitchen with respect to baking can be both fun and disastrous. There are lots of recipes out there to choose from and we have a variety of recipes that span from Best Cake Recipes, including the best carrot cake recipes. to timeless classics such as red velvet cake recipe. More importantly, we have put together this Easy Cake Recipes section for you specifically to help those who are first timers and anyone else who wants a wonderful cake without a challenging or complicated recipe.

The Best Easy Cake Recipes

Looking for fast and easy cake recipes to make at home to impress or to spend quality time with your children? We can help, take a look at these easy cake recipes and you'll be sure to find a favourite. All the recipes listed here are simple and easy to follow and of course the most important part...taste great! Making a cake with your kids? These recipes are great for when children want to help or even make their own cake with your supervision. Whenever baking with children, be sure to take extra caution around the hot oven and mixer. For more child safety tips check out Newchildsafety.com

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Easy Cake Recipes

Save Money, Bake!!

If you have a large family or a child, who is invited to a lot of other children's birthday parties, it can be challenging to keep up with the different gift options which can also add up financially. A great and creative way to save money is to make your own cake or other yummy dessert such as cupcakes. Cup cakes can make a wonderful gift as they can be decorated in many fun creative ways as well as being a great change of pace from your typical birthday cakes. Offering to supply the birthday cake or making your own birthday cake from home can be a great way to save money and add a creative touch to your party or just a special treat. Cakes and cupcakes are also great to donate to school charities and events to enjoy the unique creations and are often a great choice to use as fundraisers for a school or community bake sale. Use your imagination and even decorate them in the theme of your fundraiser.

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