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Cake Frosting vs. Cake Icing

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Is there a difference between cake frosting and icing? Well that depends on who you ask. There are a wide variety in answers to what appears to be a simple question. We have done our best to answer it here for you.

The main difference we have found is a matter of opinion. Technically there is no difference between cake frosting and cake icing. This two terms can be used interchangeably. By definition cake frosting and icing are the same.

Definition according to Webster's online dictionary

Icing -is a sweet flavored usually creamy mixture used to coat baked goods (such as cupcakes) also called frosting.
Frosting - See Icing. That's what it said, we promise!

Beyond straight definitions however, there are different opinions with respect to this question. One main theory is the consistency as well as the ingredients for common frosting and icing recipes. The common belief for most people when asked is this, Icing tends to be thinner or more runny in terms of consistency. Icing is also know to be not as sweet as 'frosting'. Frosting recipes typically call for more sugar which makes for a sweeter flavour. Since frosting recipes call for more sugar, not only is it sweeter, the frosting is thicker than most 'icing' recipes. Having a thicker frosting can be much easier to work with when decorating a cake. A great example is buttercream frosting or icing. This type of icing is very common for frosting cakes as it also easy to make. A vanilla glaze is an excellent example of what would be considered icing under these circumstances as is a great type of icing to use to decorate cookies.

Additionally, some cultures icing is considered more of a professional term than frosting. The term frosting is associated with homemade icing. MegzCakes doesn't care what it's called, to us it's all about the taste!

We have a varitey of cake frosting recipes under our Icing recipes section. In terms of what type of icing to use for certian types of designs see our Cake Decorating section for all kinds of great ideas and tips to help you make your own special custom cake.

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