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What is more important than a beautiful cake to our special occasions in life with family and friends? Throughout history, the Greeks, Romans and people from the middle ages used a variety of ingredients and techniques to create special sweet treats that marked a variety of occasions across many societies. From the initial development of technology, specifically the windmill and dawn of agriculture, thousands of years ago when we began to turn seed into wheat flour the perfect custom cake central to our most sacred occasions has come a very long way.

Our cake recipes and baking techniques have been perfected since the discovery of flour and subsequently the use of many leveling agents, such as baking powder and baking soda designed to make the cake rise. Today, we have numerous modern day discoveries and approaches to getting just the right personalization reflected in a custom cake. Substituting ingredients or creating custom cakes to bake for our loved ones, who adhere to special diets such as a gluten free diet and learning how to use ingredients like coconut flour instead of traditional cake flours can be time consuming to learn and a little tricky at first but there are many different approaches.

Despite how we look forward to celebrating occasions and finding the perfect birthday cake, for some families such occasions can be quite stressful because of health concerns, for example if someone has a severe peanut allergy. Anaphylactic food allergies prevent a number of individuals from enjoying what we most take for granted, a birthday cake. The preparation and selection of ingredients can be tricky. Too often parents feel like a child is missing out on a great kids birthday cake because they cannot eat cake from a traditional cake recipe. All occasions are special and there is always a way to have a beautiful custom cake, whether you're adventurous and make your own or find just the right person to create a cake for you.

Every occasion is different and here at MegzCakes we encourage you to really think about your celebration and make either the cake you order or the one you create yourself perfectly suited to your celebration. Perhaps its a favorite timeless recipe that a loved one would find very special or a significant birthday cake design that will add to the specialness of the day. We can help you with ideas about what cakes to order for your special day along with easy cake recipes and images of custom cakes - all to get you thinking about celebrating special occasions in your life

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