Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes

Halloween has a long standing tradition that dates back over 2,000 years and comes from both ancient Europe and importantly the Celts. The reason October 31st is so significant is that in ancient times, November 1st was the first day of the new year, which also coincided with the first day of winter thus, on the evening of October 31st the celebrations began. Throughout history, winter was viewed as a significant season because of it's harshness and the number of individuals who lost their lives due to the winter weather and shortage of food.

Among the Celtic traditions, it is believed that in the winter both the living and those deceased simultaneously co-existed and a specific name, Samhain was the actual celebration of the dead. With the progression of Christianity around the world, these celebrations were forever altered and November 1st became known as All Saints Day, whereas October 31st was termed All-Hallows Eve, which in modern times is now referred to as Halloween. This is how the 'scary' symbolic decorations arose to represent the dead who are co-mingling with the living. The origin of Trick-Or-Treating so common among children is not as clear but likely took hold in North America because of the association to the festivals and parades that were common historically in Europe. Finally, the costume aspect of Halloween is taken from the Celts, who wore masks on All-Hallows Eve in an attempt to disguise their true identify from the roaming ghosts of those who had passed on.


Halloween is celebrated (especially in North America) with parties, games and importantly all attendees dressing up in costumes along with children going out that evening to Trick-Or-Treat in order to collect sweets (for important safety information regarding Halloween visit www.newchildsafety.com). Historically in the Celtic tradition a long-standing game was devised where players would bob for apples by only using their mouths - no hands! in order to win the prized apple. Halloween has become associated with spooky costumes, games and music and the decorations used are commonly witches, ghosts and goblins that can be seen hanging from front yard trees, dawning the doors and porches of many homes. Recently, orange and black lights are often placed just as we use Christmas lights to decorate and light-up our homes.

Regardless how you choose to celebrate Halloween, treats and sweets are an important part of any party or gathering! At MegzCakes, we have simplistic treats, such as individually decorated cupcakes, which are prefect for our little ones to share among friends at school parties all the way up to very fancy and decorative multi-tiered cakes. If you prefer to make your own Halloween treats visit our How-To section to learn how to make your own personalized Halloween cake, sure to be the hit of any party or get-together. If your tricker-treater suffers from food allergies, visit our special needs section and make sure they too are included in treats of Halloween night along with their friends.

Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes

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