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Easter is another tradition that is a favorite and celebrated in different cultures all over the world. Easter is known to be the most important religious celebration for the Christians. We also tend to link spring and Easter together. Spring flowers and green grass and a cute bunny is bound to put a smile on all our faces after a long winter. Flowers and crosses is not all Easter has come to be known for, from decorating easter eggs to the Easter bunny himself and the infamous Easter egg hunt, Easter is full of fun traditions for kids and families to enjoy together.

We all love Easter morning when we search for the Easter eggs that were left for us by the beloved Easter bunny, of course for many people the highlight is the time with family over a feast. Easter dinner is traditionally know to serve ham or turkey. Our personal pick here is turkey and cake for dessert instead of pie.

For more traditions, information and everything else you need to know for Easter, check out Everythingawesomeeaster.com

Easter Cupcakes

Everything about Easter can be worked into great Easter cupcakes. From using mini chocolate eggs as decorations, to fun, bright flowers to the Easter bunny, everything makes great Easter cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. We have put together a few easy and fun ideas here for you to make with your kids or as an Easter surprise.

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Easter Cake Pictures

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MegzCakes Feature Easter Bunny Cake

Easter bunny cake

How to Make An Easter Bunny Cake

Do you love this cake?? If so we have exactly what you need...

We have step by step instruction along with lots of pictures to help you make this easter bunny cake from home this year in our featured Easter Bunny How To!
If making this easter bunny cake is not an option for you feel free to contact us and we can provide this cake for your Easter celebration.

How To Make Common Easter and Easter Bunny Cake Effects With Icing

In the above easter bunny cake picture there a few common techniques that can be found on a wide variety of Easter cake ideas. These cake decorating techniques are not as difficult as you may think, here is how you can make these effects using standard cake decorating ingredients.
See also our Cake Decorating Section for a wide selction of resources.

Bunny Fur

Creating Easter bunny fur is not as hard as you may think, in fact making fur from buttercream icing is so easy itís a great step for children to complete. Using buttercream icing in a parchment bag with Wilton piping tip 2010 or any star tip from 16 to 22 pipe on the fur for the bunny cake.

Basket Weave

Having a basket full of flowers or a similar basket weave effect as in the easter bunny picture below are commonly found on a variety of Easter cakes. Wilton piping tip #47 or #48 can be used to create this effect. Simple create vertical than horizontal lines creating ultimately the basket weave, for more information see our full section Cake Decorating Techniques - Basket Weave

Grass Effect

If it's time for Easter, it's time for Spring which means green grass and flowers. Focusing specifically on grass effects with butter-cream icing, this is another simple technique that anyone can do including kids. Using Wilton piping tip #233, all you have to do is pipe on the grass. This is a very versatile cake decorating effect when coming up with easter cake ideas


As with grass, flowers are commonly found on spring and easter cakes. There are many different ways to create flowers. See our working with flowers section for specific information on how to make particular types of edible flowers.

Candy Decorations:

Jelly beans, mini eggs, candy easter treats make a great addition when decorating cakes especially with children as candy is easy to work with. If you are working with buttercream icing, stick the candy to the cake while the icing is still soft.. If you are attempting to put candy on a cake covered with fondant, simply add a bit of icing to the back of the candy and stick to the cake. Candy can also make great features, as an example bunny's eye could be made with black jelly beans or a pink mini egg for a bunny nose.

Easter Cake Recipes

Do you have a favorite Easter cake recipe? We would love to try it and even feature it on our site! Email us your recipe too info@megzcakes.ca. If you need a cake recipe we have lots of great recipes to try, we recommend our best chocolate cake recipe or if chocolate isn't your favorite, this marble cake recipe is fantastic and will be sure to impress your family and guests.

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