Baby Shower Cake Ideas

baby shower cake

A sister, cousin, sister-in-law, friend, and coworker may be all the people in the expectant mother's life who may plan her a shower, in some cases the same person may never have had to do this before. If you're planning a baby shower talk to us at Megzcakes, we'll help you provide not only a beautiful baby shower cake but any other treats you may want at the celebration. We encourage you to think about your invitations, decorations, favors and games to follow your overall theme. And we'll make sure the cake does too!

History of Baby Showers

At a time we're looking to the future and celebrating a new life it is also interesting to consider how baby showers originated and are celebrated. There is some evidence that baby showers were celebrated among ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Romans. As you may suspect, the traditional gifts were handmade and often clothing and blankets. In contrast to today, the most common timing of baby showers in history is after the baby is born. The celebration is thought to have centered around family and guests seeing the child, often for the first time.

Over time, this has grown into one of the most wonderful special occasion's we celebrate in life. Today both men and woman are known to attend as opposed to a more traditional 'women only' guest list and this usually occurs before the baby is born. With today's technology, the theme of the celebration, gifts and other personalized touches in planning this occasion is focused on the gender of the baby.

Baby Shower Cake Pictures

baby shower cake picture baby shower-carriage cake Blue Baby shower cake Blue Baby shower cake baby shower-carriage cake baby shower-carriage cake

Baby Shower Party Supplies

Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

baby shower diper cakes

The term 'diaper cakes' is a conman occurrence when researching or planning a baby shower, however, there are many people who have no idea what a diaper cake is. Some people think you eat it, some people think it's a cake in the shape of a diaper, which if you ask us isn't the nicest idea for a cake!

What is a Diaper Cake?

A baby shower center piece or gift idea for new and expecting parents. A diaper cake consists of useful everyday baby items. These cakes can range in size and shape as each baby shower diaper cake is custom made, designed to fit any theme or nursery.

A Diaper Cake is made using, you guessed it diapers! Lots of diapers. Along with other newborn related items such as blankets, clothes, bottles, toys and many other items.

MegzCakes is proud to offer a full section dedicated to baby diaper cakes including lots of different diaper cake pictures, step by step instructions on how to make a diaper cake and more about this excellent gift idea is all about.

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