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Many families struggle with special dietary needs and for children, food allergies are a huge concern. We've done our homework and know that certain foods are known to have a clear association with specific allergies and for many children also cause skin problems such as eczema. Did you know that 90% of all food allergies are attributed to 8 foods: milk, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, fish, shellfish, wheat and tree nuts?

Many children are not able to enjoy desserts and special kids birthday cakes that so many of us take for granted. At Megzcakes, we want all children to have a special treat, just for them so we work hard to include all different types of dietary needs in both our custom cakes and our recipes and cake decorating content.

For example, for our customers and guests with nut allergies, we take special care when preparing our nut free creations. In addition, our recipe section provides ideas for gluten free, sugar free and other specialized recipes. Take a look at our recent kids birthday cake, Mo, from Wall-E. For our 5 year old birthday boy, he was able to enjoy his cake right along side all of his friends at the birthday party. His Mom was thrilled that he didn't need a 'special' snack or to have something different than the other children. "It's difficult for us parents who have children with special dietary needs, it's not like we can just run down to the local grocery or bake shop and pick up a birthday cake".

Megzcakes take special precautions (see peanut free for details) when creating a nut free dessert. For example, we do not use European chocolate in any of our nut free creations, as the regulations in Europe allow for the use of leftover chocolate from other processes; therefore, no matter how yummy they may taste, there is a risk of cross-contamination during the manufacturing process, which may remain undeclared on the packaging.

We also consult regularly with experts, suppliers and distributors of special dietary needs products such as http://www.avoidingmilkprotein.com/otherallergies. We know how difficult it is to cook, bake and have special occasions marked for those of us with food allergies and special dietary needs but we really try to stay informed and provide our very best products for our special customers and visitors to Megzcakes.

We have put together a collection of special needs recipes that you can make from home anytime. We have a variety of recipes from flourless to peanut free. Despite what allergy may be present there is a recipe you can use to make a great cake. If you can't find what you are looking for in terms of a special needs recipe feel free to contact us at info@megzcakes.ca and we will be happy to provide a recipe if we can.

Cake Recipes for Special Needs

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