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To place an order for your next occasion from MegzCakes,
email us at or

We do prefer two weeks notice when possible, however, we do understand that circumstances change and sometimes notice is not possible so don't hesitate to ask anyway! If we have an opening it is all yours!

Order Information

MegzCakes is located in London Ontario, we currently service customers not only in London but many surrounding cities as well including St. Thomas, Lucan, Woodstock etc. We currently accept orders via email or by phone. We do not operate a store front open to the public at this time, one of the many ways we save you money when ordering custom cakes from MegzCakes.

Custom cake prices will vary depending on the size of the cake and amount of custom work involved for themes and detail. Delivery is included provided delivery is within London, outside of London there may be an extra delivery charge. We deliver all of our cakes ensuring your cake arrives safe and sound for that special someone or party event.

MegzCakes Disclaimer:

Its is our policy to deliver all cakes, no exceptions! There is no charge for delivery with in London Ontario.

Once you have received your order, ie. the item is in your hands, MegzCakes is in no way liable for what happens, we will not take any responsibility for any accidents you may have transporting, moving, storing or anything else related to your cake/cupcake order. One simple way to ensure no accidents is to allow us to deliver the cake to the party/event location.

Tip's when ordering a cake

  • Having too much cake is always better than not enough.
  • Let us deliver your cake to the location of your party.
  • Have the cake delivered the day you need it instead of the day before.
  • Placing your order as early as possible, even if it is a year away (wedding cakes), it is best to guarantee your party date and helps us plan around your day.
  • Handle your cake with care when moving the cake, taking it out of the box, etc.

MegzCakes Pricing

*May Increase depending on size
**When ordered with main cake

Please contact us for an accurate price quote with as much detail about the cake design as possible and the amount of guests you will need to feed

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