Peanut Free Baking

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We have provided several peanut free cakes, there are some limitations in terms of designs as there are certain colours that are very difficult to achieve using peanut free ingredients, however, there are many options and designs available to create a unique custom cake. When it comes to special needs cakes such as peanut free cakes, we do ask for at least a full weeks notice to ensure a proper environment.

To ensure that your baked good is peanut-free, make sure to let MegzCakes know and we will take special precautions so there is no cross contamination. Though MegzCakes takes precautions in making peanut-free desserts, be aware that we cannot guarantee 100% peanut-free.

What does MegzCakes do to safely bake peanut free:

  • We use separate storage containers for the peanut free equipment.
  • We always sanitize every work space and all the baking equipment before use.
  • Do our very best to find suppliers from peanut-free facilities.
  • We use glass and stainless steel bowls and glass measuring cups to ensure the containers remain clean and safe.
  • MegzCakes uses separate bowls and utensils for orders that are peanut free, in other words they are never circulating with our regular baking equipment.

Peanut Free Cake Pictures

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Peanut Free Baking Tips

  • Read your labels!!! You never know what may have been made in the same factory that processes peanuts or other types of tree nuts that can easily containment your ingredient.
  • Common food coloring made by Club House has been used in peanut free baking and is easily available at most grocery stores.
  • If you have access to a dishwasher, run all your baking tools that you will require through your dishwasher to remove any trace of peanuts.
  • If you do not have a dishwasher the next best thing is to thoroughly wash your dishes in hot soapy water. Always use new dish clothes/towels.
  • If you do not want to make your own cake from scratch read the labels on the cake box mixes at your local grocery store.
  • Be cautions purchasing ingredients from a bulk food store, there is a high possibility of cross contamination. It is possible that the container or scoops have come into contact with peanuts or other tree nuts.

***IF you are looking for a Peanut Free Dessert please ensure you notify us at the time of order.

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