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Cake pans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From character cake pans, themed cake pans, to cake pan sets there are many types of cake pans available today. One thing is for sure you can never have too many cake pans!! There is a situation and a cake for every pan. We have several cake pans that we thought would only be used once or twice and have turned out to be used over and over again.

Having a cake shaped to match a theme of the party or particular character such as an Elmo cake or a castle cake can be an advantage to the overall design of the cake. For some of us we want to experiment or make or own child's birthday cake, starting with the right shaped cake pan means you are well on your way!! For those who are new to cake decorating or those who are only interested in a particular shape or effect purchasing a cake pan can save you both time and energy. It's not always easy to carve cakes into the shape you are looking to achieve, there may even be some structrual issues with 3D cakes if not carved and supported properly which can lead to a cake disaster. One alternative is to use a cake pan that is intended to create this effect. See our 3D Cake Pans for examples.

Another benefit of a shaped cake pan is more often than not when you purchase a cake pan you also receive decorating instructions. For example, below you will find a link for the Ball shaped Wilton Cake Pan. This cake pan comes with a complete set of instructions for decorating several different sports balls including, soccer, baseball, basketball and more. Even just having the Tinkerbell cake pan picture can help plan and actually decorate the cake so it turns out beautifully.

Searching for the right cake pan can be time consuming. We have put together a one stop shop for cake pans from reliable and trusted sources! We have collected a variety of differetnt types of cake pans including character cake pans, themed cake pans, cake and cupcake pans. We will be regularly updating this section so check back with us soon.

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