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I was born and raised in the small town of Ingersoll, ON. I moved to London, ON when I was 19 years old and figured out my passion for decorating cakes at 22 years of age. Before I knew I wanted to decorate cakes for a living, I spent 3 years working for a bank and had lost my job from lack of interest in my work. Losing my mundane career as a banker was more of a highlight than a disappointment. With my new found time, television got the best of me. I always knew I had a creative personality but never knew how to utilize this talent. While flipping through the channels, the show Ace of Cakes caught my interest and I have been hooked ever since. Without professional schooling or any classes, I taught myself through much trial and error and I now enjoy making all kinds of custom homemade cakes for any occasion.

I love the challenge of creating new edible works of art! If you're looking for something more simple, I have also branched out and made my own homemade banana bread, butter tarts and brownies. Cake by cake, I'm working up to getting my own assistants and dishwashers, but for now it's just myself decorating. I hope that my creative cakes can make everyone smile for their occasions and satisfy any sweet tooth!

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The site is here to display our fantastic cakes and other desserts. Not only do we want to show off our pictures, but we want to share, this site is here to provide useful information for anyone who may be in need of tips and/or decorating ideas. Our site is huge with over 100 pages all related to cakes and cupcakes! We hope you enjoy our site.

MegzCakes.ca is hosted by a company called Sibernames. This company is highly recommended not only by us here at MegzCakes, but by the thousands of other people who use Sibernames as well. Very easy to work with, happy to help and very very reliable.

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