How To Make a Diaper Cake

A Diaper cake makes a great center piece at a baby shower and doubles as a great gift for the new mom. This cake won't be cut and served for dessert but will however put a smile on the expectant mothers face! Creating this cake is easy and fun to do. You can make it as simple or extravagant as you want and it will always serve practical use for mom. Diapers are always needed and making this cake is a unique and fun way to give them as a gift.

Follow these easy, free diaper cake instructions on how to make your own baby shower gift and you will be sure to impress!

Diaper Cake Ingredients:

To begin making your diaper cake, you will first need these essential ingredients to get you started.

items for diaper cake

Required Supplies

  • About 60 Size 1 diapers - This amount is for your basic 3 tiered Diaper Cake
  • 30-60 small rubber bands
  • 3 large rubber bands
  • Bottle/Baby Powder - You will need something sturdy to fill the middle
  • 1/4 inch Curling Ribbon - To use instead of the rubber bands
  • Cake base - Can be cardboard, pizza pan, plastic platter etc.
  • Baby Items - Used for cake decoration and practical use. Examples include; pacifiers, receiving blankets, clothing, hat and mitts, socks, toys, plush animals, towels and washcloths

Diaper Cake Instructions:

On your Diaper Cake base, place your Bottle or Baby Powder in the center. Now take your first diaper and roll it from the open end of the diaper to the closed end. Wrap a small rubber band around the rolled diaper. Repeat this step about 6 or 7 times (Depending on how tight you wrap the diapers). Take one large rubber band and place it around the baby bottle and place each diaper inside the band.

This will create the first ring of diapers as shown in the picture.

how to make a diaper cake

You will need to create 3 rings in total for the bottom tier. Repeat these steps using 11 to 12 diapers in the second ring and about 18 to 20 diapers in the third ring. All 3 rings of diapers should be able to fit inside one large rubber band.

**If you would like to limit the use of rubber bands, tie your diapers with curling ribbon. You can use the smaller rubber bands to wrap the diapers then use the curling ribbon to tie all 3 rings together and remove the large rubber band.**

This is what your bottom tier should look like once you're done.

how to make a diaper cake

The second tier is made similar to the bottom tier. You will only need to make 2 rings of diapers this time; again using 6 to 7 diapers for the first ring, which will be wrapped around the top part of the Baby Powder, and 11 to 12 diapers for the second ring.

This is an example of what your finished 2ND tier should look like.

how to make a diaper cake

Last but not least is the third tier which will only require 1 ring of about 6 to 7 diapers. The diapers in this tier can be wrapped around another diaper or a small bottle or a piece of clothing rolled similar to the diapers. These are a just a few ideas you can use.

Here is an example of the completed 3 tiers.

Decorating Your Diaper Cake

Now you can decorate your diaper cake with your baby items to match the baby shower theme or to make that unique, special gift for the new baby boy or girl. Have fun and be creative!

Wrapping Tiers:

An easy way to decorate a diaper cake and add more essential items is wrapping the tiers in receiving blankets or hooded towels. Fold your blanket so it is the same height of your diapers and safety pin the ends together to keep it from moving. If your blanket is too short to wrap all the way around, fold your blanket starting with opposite corners (making a triangle) and again match the height of your diapers.

TIP: If your blanket is a little higher than your diaper cake tier, this is actually a benefit if you want to fill your tiers with the Easter basket grass, as it will hold it in better.

For the top tier of a 3 tiered cake, we like to use wash cloths since the tier is so small. Use 2 wash cloths, one in front and one in the back and safety pin the sides together.

cover bottom tier with blanket how to make diaper cake picture how to make diaper cake picture

Adding Baby Items:

Adding a variety of baby items will make your cake look fun and give the essentials needed for the new baby and parents. Try using bibs, pacifiers, booties, socks, hats etc. Most items can be tucked in the blankets wrapped around the cake or you can safety pin items to the cake to hold them in place. Adding a decorative ribbon also keeps items in place. If you want to add travel size lotions, shampoo etc. then you could either use tape or a glue gun to attach these items.

how to make diaper cake picture

Decorative Items:

Craft stores or even dollar stores have many cute items that you can place on your cake to decorate it or add to the theme of your cake. You can use fake flowers, bows, butterflies or anything light weight that will match your theme.

how to make diaper cake picture

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