Don't get us wrong we love cake here, all kinds of cake in fact, but there are certain events and occasions that are just perfect and special with cup cakes. Brides are choosing elaborate cupcake design, decorating and presentations to replace traditional wedding cakes or as a sweet dessert addition to a late night buffet. A cupcake is a perfect bite size portion of cake that doesn't require a plate and fork. Cupcakes are great for kids and events that are held outdoors. Like any cake, cupcakes can be made with custom designs to fit all occasions or themes. In fact, there are many fun ideas and themes that are unique to cup cakes. MegzCakes has many for you to choose from or create your own and we'll help you make cupcakes for your special event. We can supply the cupcake themselves or the recipes you need to make them from your own home.

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History of Cupcakes

Cupcakes appear now to be the new favorite dessert for any occasion. However, cupcakes are not new by any means. Unfortunately, the certainty of the history of the cupcake is not clear but they were around in the 19th Century. One of the first known records of a cupcake recipe was found in Fanny Merritt Farmer's Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, 1918. The majority of us cupcake lovers believe cup cakes were named after their size in comparison to a standard cake, a cupcake is a 'cup of cake'. As true and believable as this may seem, it is not necessarily the case, the name for this delicious dessert originates from 2 specific approaches to making the original cupcake. One, method used to measure out the ingredients as stated in the recipe and two, the method used to bake the cup cakes themselves. This is significant, since at this time in our history the most common approach in baking was to weigh out each ingredient to ensure the correct amount as opposed to measuring out ingredients. Bakers started to measure out ingredients as an alternative to the standard weighing approach in order to save time when baking and as a result created this yummy dessert called a cupcake - for all of us to enjoy.

In original cup cake recipes, the instructions stated to bake theses treats in tin cups or pottery cups. Today there are a wide variety of cupcake pans available, however, there is one common factor regardless of what type of pan is used to bake the cup cakes and that is the well-know paper cup, the paper holder that lines the cupcake pan. The paper cup became an addition to the cupcake after World War I, in fact it was company which manufactured artillery shells, that after the war used the same machine to design the paper liner. The paper liner has several purposes, it will prevent the cupcake from sticking to the sides of the pan, making clean-up easier and of course keeps the cup cakes moister longer.

Cupcake Stands, Cupcake Carriers and Cupcake Holders

Click here for more info and examples of Cupcake Carriers and Cupcake Holders

Having a themed display of cupcakes at your special occasion can greatly be enhanced by the arrangment in which the cupcakes are displayed. A cupcake stand, such as the one displayed here, can be the perfect touch to your display. There are cupcake stands for both full sized cup cakes and mini cupcakes, as well a variety of stands that will hold different amounts of cupcakes based on your needs.

Check out this great cupcake stand to display your cupcakes at any event. They make a great centerpiece and the cupcakes come out easily to eat!

Wire Cupcake Holder Stand

Cupcake Holders and Cupcakes Carriers also come in very handy at home. Cupcake Carriers will provide you a partical solution to storing cupcakes to keep them fresh and delicous for several days. For more on cupcakes carriers see our full section devoted to cupcakes holders, carriers, and stands.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

MegzCakes is proud to offer a varitey of easy fun to make cupcake decorating ideas, from buttercream roses to fondant shapes we have an idea for everyone. Check out our full list of cup cake decorating ideas inluding pictures, video, tips here!

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes has inspired our own designs in decorating and we would like to share a few ideas in different occasions for you. In fact, Martha Stewart's unique cupcake design for weddings was one of the first to use what was traditionally known as a child's treat for such a formal occasion as a wedding. You too can create wonderful dessert treats that will impress your friends and family along with providing a great tasting snack! For many more cupcake decorating ideas and recipes you can purchase Martha Stewart's book too.

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