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Where to purchase cake decorating supplies in and around London Ontario

Looking for specific cake decorating items can be difficult, it can also result in many wasted trips! We have put together a list retail outlets in and around London to help save you time.

Looking for Satin Ice Fondant??

Send us an email at or see our contact page for more details. We can help you find the best deal available for this excellent product. We highly recommend Satin Ice over any other type of fondant. This particular brand of fondant has a much more appealing taste which all our customers love and we strongly recommend satin ice fondant for anyone who is decorating there own cake.

Bulk Barn

A bulk store is an excellent place to purchase ingredients for baking a cake such as baking soda, cocoa, sugar, flour etc. You may even be surprised to learn what else can be purchased from a bulk store that can help you bake from home including cake bases, food colouring, cake and cupcake accessories including toppers. Many children are into a theme for a short period of time, for example this year's birthday it may be Toy Story 3 and next year it could be Star Wars, purchasing a speciality cake pan can be expensive, the bulk store offers pan rentals. For a reasonable price and deposit you rent the themed cake pan instead of spending more money for a one time cake! The bulk barn has a wide selection of shapes, sizes, characters when looking for a cake theme.
** There are several other locations in London inlcuding stores at hyde park, dundas, fanshawe close to masonville mall. For a complete listings of all bulk barn locations see the bulk barn website

1070 Wellington Rd



1920 Dundas St E



Is a well known craft store located at Wonderland and xxx, there is another location near Masonville mall at Fansahawe Park Road and Richmond. Michael's has a wide variety of cake decorating tools, accessories, party themes and much much more. From the Wilton brand of fondant to Duff's fondant Micheals stocks it all. From spatula, rolling pins, fondant cutters, to themed cupcake holders you can find it at Michael's.

1737 Richmond St London



3080 Wonderland Rd. S



Loungos is a speciality store for commercial grade kitchen accessories. We highly recommend this store, they have great service and carry a variety of different brands, sizes, shapes and more for cake pans. Even if you are an occasional baker, purchasing commercial grade cake pans will last much longer, work more effectively and you will pleasantly surprised at the price. More often than not these pans and other kitchen tools are cheaper than anywhere else.

812 Dundas St. London



That Party Place A.K.A Streamers

For party supplies such as themed accessories and party favours are not the only birthday cake related items sold here. This is a great place to purchase cake boxes either individually or in bulk depending on how many cakes you are baking. Party Packagers provides a range in boxes for all kinds of different shaped cakes. They will also customer order a product is you need it. In our experience delivery was not too long either.

109 Fanshawe Pk. E London



332 Wellington Rd. S. London


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