Cake Decorating

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To help get you started on basic cake decorating, we have outlined some of the key fundamentals that you should always follow for successful cake decorating ideas. Through trial and error, much research and many wasted ingredients, we have figured out simple and efficient ways of decorating that you will be able to do yourself at home with the right tools.

Find new ideas to try if you have some experience decorating already or find simple designs to start out your new found interest in cake decorating. We have cake decorating ideas for all occasions that the beginners and more advanced bakers can create and make their own.

Like most cakes you'll find at MegzCakes, someone else's cake ideas created a whole new flow of our ideas that we would now like to share with you. If you have any ideas you would like to share with us and other viewers, please email us at New cake decorating ideas are coming all the time so check back frequently or add MegzCakes to the following:

Cake Decorating

Getting Started - Fundamentals

Cake Decorating Ideas - Plus Alternatives

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

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There is a unique and creative decorating idea for anyone and everyone`s birthday. You can theme a cake after someone's favorite character, show, hobby, team, flower etc. We have notice that there is also no age limit on cakes, we have made a star wars cake for a special 8 year old and a special 38 year old. We have made sports cakes for first birthday cakes and for 50th birthdays. It`s all about what the birthday boy or girl would love. The ideas are endless. In this section we have put together a few birthday cake decorating ideas to get you started with inspiration.

Working with Icing

Working with Fondant

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