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If you're decorating your cake at home and you need some inspiration or basic ideas that will help make your cake interesting and unique, you've come to the right place. Here you will find different examples of how to create borders, designs and techniques for the top and sides of your cake and different fonts and ways of writing or printing your message for that special someone. Cake decorating is what we do and we want to pass along what we know to help you. MegzCakes only provide free cake decorating ideas.

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Cake Decorating with Cookies

 cake decorating with cookies

A great idea to add a new dimension to your cake is to use cookies. Since there are cookie cutters available in all shapes and sizes there is no limit to the design that can include cookies. Cookies can be used around the sides of your cake as a design feature or can top your cupcakes perfectly for unique and interesting treats. This is a great option that everyone will love not only for the look but the taste as well. Using these recipes, be creative and you will have amazing cakes and cupcakes for your next occasion! Sugar cookies and shortbread cookies are excellent cookies to work with, they are both easy to prepare and if you do not have cookie cutters on hand, the dough can be carved with a knife.

Cookie Reicpes

Cake Decorating with Rice Treats

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Do you have a cake design in mind but it's too much cake, or do you want make a 3D shape on your cake? Rice Treats can be shaped and molded into whatever you need. Makes for a great replacement to cake for sculpting and even replacing a layer or two of cake if the design you want has too much cake for your event. Rice Treats can easily be covered in either fondant or buttercream icing to blend in or stand out on your cake!

In the picture example of this popular star wars character, the arms of R2D2 have been molded from rice treat and iced to create his shape without having to use all cake.

Photo Galleries for Inspiration

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Below you will find a list of links to our cake photo galleries, our website is full of great cake pictures to provide you will inspiration if you are looking for a cool cake idea. We have pictures galleries for kids birthday cakes to custom cakes for all occasions. Browse through and enjoy!

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