WALL-E like Elmo has been a big hit for kids birthday cakes, so we decided to dedicated a page to our Walle cake and all of his friends.

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) was set in the year 2808, for 700 years after humans abandoned Earth Wall-e did exactly what he was built to do, clean up the garbage that the humans destroyed the planet with. In the end, WALL-E along with some help from his friends saved earth and restored human life on the planet. For the most part there was very little dialogue through out the movie, the extra sound effects is what kept us all wondering and entertained. Did you wonder what or how some of the sounds where made for WALL-E? Well we did and here is just a few quick facts about WALL-E.

When WALL-E collected the trash he compacted it to make the squares, the sound of the garbage being crushed was actually the sound of a car being trashed at a real dump!

Mo cake

Do you remember Mo? In case you don't, Mo was s cleaner aboard the spaceship. He was built to remove all foreign containment. Mo had a very distant sound when he was cleaning. The sounds was actually recorded from an electric shaver.

EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) was designed to search earth for any signs of life through vegetation. When EVE flies she made a very cool sound as most things do when they fly. The sound for EVE was recorded from a remote control plane. The sound that was generated under the plane while it was in the air is the sound that was used as an effect for EVE flying.

We have 2 themed WALL-E cakes displayed here; Wall-e and Eve birthday cake was inspired from the overall message of the movie. Just about all the major themes including, the plant life that was discovered on earth, the blocks of trash WALL-E creates, to the bond that EVE and WALL-E share, it's all there. We also have Mo Cake, which represents exactly what Mo does, clean up the foreign containment!

walle cake

We understand that there are some people especially children that are left out and unable to enjoy these cool custom cakes due to special needs, this cake was actually made 100% peanut free so if you need a customized kid's birthday cake or other dessert treat for your occasions please let us know and we'll accommodate your special need.

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