Star Wars Cakes

R2D2 Cakes

Star Wars became an instant classic on May 25th 1977 when the first Star Wars Movie was released. The movie was an instant hit with a large fan base that only grew larger with the additions to the series. Between 1977 and 2005 six star wars movies were made. The series is estimated to have grossed 4.3 billion dollars over the years. When it comes to Star Wars it's not just the movies, there are books, video games, TV shows, action figures along a large variety of other types of collectibles and children's toys and of course cake!

Star Wars Cake Ideas

Star Wars Birthday Cake

Star wars is a classic movie series for both young and old and we have some great cake ideas for the star wars fan at heart. When it comes to star wars cake ideas, there are so many good characters like Yoda, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Death Star and many scenes that can be recreated from the movies.

As with many cake themes there are several ways to work in your favorite character or scene. One of our favorite things to do is to create 3D characters for the cake, thus bring to life the star wars creatures. We use fondant to create all our characters which means they are also 100% edible.

Create a 3D cake for a character! We used this idea to create the R2D2 cake and the Death Star cakes below.

For those who are looking for a simple cake, there is always a traditional slab cake, which can easily be carved and decorated to create a 2D shape of any character or scene from Star Wars.

Death Star Cake

star wars cake

The Death Star is a creative idea for a 3D star wars birthday cake. This is made by using a slab cake for the galaxy and Wilton's Ball Cake Pan for the Death Star.

The slab is easy to frost as it doesn't need smoothing and the Death Star is made with buttercream and cut out fondant pieces. Adding characters from the movie to the slab is a good decorating idea. We left it blank but added the Star Wars logo.

Yoda Birthday Cakes

The yoda cake on the left was made for our contest winner of the best cake recipe. The winner had a die hard stars wars in the family who just so happen to have a birthday coming up. Yoda is a classic star wars hero which makes for a perfect star wars birthday cake.

Yoda was a fun character to create and of all the star wars characters one of the easier ones to make. This was done using fondant icing. Another method is to use modeling chocolate. In order to achieve the shape of the cake, we took a typical slab cake, cut it in half and stacked each piece together with a layer of buttercream. The cake it self was covered in black buttercream and the stars were made from silver pearls.

Star Wars Birthday Cake

R2D2 Birthday Cakes

R2D2 Cakes

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