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There is a sport out there for everyone and there is a cake for every sport. Sports cakes and cup cakes can come in many different shapes, sizes and of course themes. Sports fans truly love their team and sport, whether it's football, soccer or snowboarding a sports themed cake can be a very unique and special experience.

Teams often have banquets at the end of there season, a sports cake customized for your team is a great reward for the members of the team. Team colors and logos of your favorite team or the team you play will make great cakes for the big game or as birthday cakes. Sports cakes can be shaped to be a basketball net with a 3D ball or a soccer ball on a soccer field. There are endless options for creating and customizing sports cakes.

Superbowl Cake

Here at MegzCakes we understand Sundays are sacred, along with a few other days of the week where football is our past time. Ever had a football cake for the big game? There are many different events and occasions where a football cake can be a great addition. Football cakes are great for kids birthday cake, sports party cake, Superbowl cake, special pre or post game parties. We have made several Pittsburgh Steelers cakes since it is the team of choice in our family, however, there are many ways to incorporate a football theme or team logo to your cake. Although we don't truly understand why anyone would want a different NFL team cake, we do have many ideas for more football cakes including collage team sport cakes, and of course we can always incorporate your local team colors and logos to your special cake. Kids can get involved in playing football, basketball, volleyball at a young age and a themed cake can be a great way to celebrate their accomplishment of making your local or school team.

Soccer Cake

There is more than one sport in our wold called football, football is commonly used to refer to soccer as well. As with football soccer cakes can be great at sport events, team banquets, and birthday parties. We have soccer cakes here to please the soccer fan in your family or event. And don't forget, if hockey, lacrosse, ringette or any of our other wonderful Canadian winter sport is a favorite among your family and friends we can customize a special occasion cake just for you. We don't want to seem too bias here at Megzcakes so we do honour lots of other sports as well such as bowling and a whole host of others, our custom cakes are really only limited by your imagination!

Sport Themed Party Accessories

With the great sport themed party accessories above you can have a terrific birthday party, team banquet or simply dress up your home for the next big game!

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