Princess Cake

A princess cake can be a variety of different cakes. We have had several opportunities now to create different princess themed birthday cakes. There are many different cake ideas for your little princess on her big day. Girlie colors, tiara's and flowers are just the beginning, you can't go wrong with this theme.

Check out what MegzCakes has created to date and feel free to send us your own ideas and princess cakes you have created at home and we'll show it off here!

princess doll cake

The Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake

This cake has Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen as a frog, sitting on a story book.

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pricness and the frog cake

The Princess and the Frog is Disney's new hit movie. It was difficult to find the right doll for this particular doll cake, so we used a full length Barbie for this princess cake instead. Make sure to wrap the the legs in plastic wrap and carve a small hole in the center of the cake for Barbie to fit! With the right dress and accessories, Barbie makes a great princess! We can't forget about the frog! For most of the 3D characters we make, we mold the figure out of fondant which means you can eat the frog too!

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Barbie Cake

babrie cake babrie birthday cake

Barbie cake is one of Megz favorite cakes! Barbie is a cake accessory which is only the waist up and can stick into the cake so it sits on top. It is very easy to add icing to Barbie's body for clothing. You can buy an actual dress cake pan or an easy alternative is to use an 8" cake pan with 3 or 4 layers and carve out the cakes into the dress shape.

Princess Cake Pans

Here are some great princess cake pans to help make great Princess Cakes from home.

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More Princess Birthday Cakes

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Princess Themed Party Supplies

A party isn't complete without the accessories that add that extra touch for your child's birthday party. Having the decor such as princess and the frog party hats, or Disney's fairies plates to eat your delicious cake with.

MegzCakes Tips - We can help you make your own cake

Inspiration is key!! More often than not the best inspiration for a cake comes from a picture of a different cake. We do not duplicate any other cake. We don't even like making our own cakes twice without changing something! Looking at other cakes can give great ideas, sometimes you will find patterns on one cake, colors from another mixed with a personalized touch for the special event or occasion, suddenly you are well on you way to have a cake design. We have several different pages through this website that have many diffenet cake pictures. Here are just a few...

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