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For children, birthdays can be a very exciting time. Birthday's are special because for the vast majority of us our birthday is our special day, there is no one in our family sharing the spotlight. It's our day to shine! The lead up to a birthday can have all kinds of anticipation and excitement, it's the birthday party with birthday cake and presents along with our friends and family that we all look forward to. When it comes to childrens birthday cakes, MegzCakes has all kinds of cakes and cake ideas for everyone of all ages. We even have step by step instructions for how to make a very cool kid's birthday cakes. Check out our how to section and birthday cake decorating ideas.

Kid's birthday cakes can range from a homemade cake to a custom themed cake and everything in between. Some children love particular characters such as Walle, Backyardagins, or even Elmo, where as other kids will be impressed with a sports cake, or princess cake. Whatever the idea, theme or favorite character there is a fun creative cake that can be made to impress your child on their special day. For some children part of the enjoyment would be participating in making the cake as a new experience. Being able to have exactly what you want in terms of flavour and design. Perhaps a child's way with sprinkles and icing really will make the best birthday cake. We have easy cake recipes along with great icing recipes that will help create a wonderful birthday experience and a fantastic birthday cake.

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Birthday Cake -- Fun Facts

The largest birthday cake, according to the Guinness World Book of Records, was made at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas. In May 2005, a cake was made for Las Vegas' centennial (100th) birthday. The cake weighed approximately 130,000 pounds! This cake took over 1,000 volunteers 14 hours to assemble and decorate this cake. Over 30,000 individual slab cakes were used to make the whole cake. In order to qualify for the Guinness world record for the 'largest birthday cake made' one of the conditions is that the cake has to be completely frosted i.e. no joint or part of the cake can be visible. In order to accomplish this 40,000 pounds of icing was used to cover this huge cake. An additional qualifier for the world record was for the cake to be made 100% edible. The real question is what happened to all that cake?! All the volunteers took home pieces of the cake, which in reality was the size of a normal slab cake.

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