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A very common kid's birthday cake theme is an Elmo cake. Elmo has been very popular and loved by many children since he debuted on Sesame Street in 1984. Elmo is 3 and a half years old and now along side his good friend, Dorthy his pet goldfish, he hosts his own 15 minute segment on Sesame Street called Elmo`s World. Elmo has been very active in the community since his debut, he has two of his own movies called Elmo saves Christmas and Elmo in Grouchland. He has made several TV appearances over the years including appearances on Oprah, Emeril Live and The View. Elmo made history when he appeared before the US congress as the first non-human to testify in April of 2002. Elmo addressed congress to support music in our education system. In addition, Elmo requested $2 million dollars in funding for both International Foundation for Music Research and other non profit initiatives that support restoring music programs in schools.

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Elmo is loved by us here at MegzCakes, we have a special featured Elmo birthday cake. For the elmo birthday cake photo below, we wanted to make Elmo come to life in his cake. To a young child this cake on the counter or table will make it seem like it really is Elmo sitting in their birthday cake. MegzCakes Elmo cake was inspired by other cakes people have created over the years. There are many cakes with Elmo`s head bursting out from the cake although most are not 3D. Having the Wilton 3D Ball Pan made it easy to make Elmo life like. We thought it would be cute to have his hands and feet coming out the sides of the cake too which we have not seen anyone else do before. Needing enough cake to feed a lot of people made Elmo the size he is which worked out great for this Elmo birthday cake!

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elmo cake from wilton cake pan

For this Elmo birthday cake we used the Wilton Elmo Cake Pan to create the shape of Elmo's head and face. The cake pan worked very well. This cake came out of the pan very easily with full facial feature which made decorating the cake very easy! We used this easy marble cake recipe along with this cake frosting recipe, buttercream icing for decorating. For anyone who is looking for a cakes to bake and decorate with children or new to baking and cake decorating, shaped cake pans can be a great help.

Elmo Cake Pan

Elmo Cake Pan

"Includes 1 13.5"" x 10.5"" metal cake pan."

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