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Dora the Explorer is a common kids birthday cake theme that young boys and girls love to have for their birthday cakes. Using the Dora theme to create a birthday cake provides a variety of options in terms of design, characters, and colors that can be incorporated. In several of our Dora cakes we have created a 3D Dora and Boots. We have also been sure to add the stars, backpack, map and even Swiper in one of our Dora the Explorer birthday cakes. Dora cakes can also be shaped out of a slab to create a 2D Dora Birthday Cake -- there are variety of cake pans readily available in the Dora theme that are easy to decorate. Below you will find a few Dora Birthday Cakes that we have recently made and a few birthday party accessories and ideas.

Dora Themed Birthday Cake Pictures

Dora and Boots Birthday Cake Photo Dora and Boots Themed Birthday Cake Dora Themed Birthday Cake dora and friends birthday cake

Dora Themed Birthday Party Supplies

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