Birthday Cakes

When it comes to birthday cakes everyone appreicates the gestures and who doesn't love a piece of cake!?! We are here to help ensure everyone gets a birthday cake that is both impressive and customized to represent that person. We can take any theme, from flower cakes to a sushi cake and anything else you can think of in between to make sure you get the reaction you are looking for. We also have some great recipes and all kinds of tips and ideas to help you make a special birthday cake to celebrate your friends or families special occasions.

75th Birthday Cake

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Types of Birthday Cakes

Here are a few common birthday cake categories including favorite themes, sports, milestones and character birthday cakes. As we have already mentioned there is no end to the number of birthday cake ideas but there are some common themes we all seem to enjoy. Be sure to view our birthday cake gallery below for more pictures.

Milestone Birthday Cakes

1st birthday cake Sweet 16th Birthday Cake 30th birthday cake 30th Birthday Cake 75th Birthday Cake
40th birhtday cake 50th brithday cake twin birhtday cakes

Character Birthday Cakes

ballerina cake Backyardagins birthday cake sesame street birthday cake Star Wars - Yoda Birthday Cake Star Wars - Yoda Birthday Cake
Thomas the Train birhtday cake handy manny birhtday cake Shrek brithday cake

Themed Birthday Cakes

princess cake Backyardagins birthday cake Custom Birthday Cake Beach Birthday Cake personal birthday cake
Detriot Red Wings birhtday cake Handbag birhtday cake animal print brithday cake

Kid's Birthday Cakes

Thomas the Train Cake

Kids birthday's are special, they create memories that can last a lifetime. We are happy to bring several pages dedicated strictly to children's cakes. We have done a countless number of birthday cakes for kids the following list will guide through just a few of the featured kids cake designs and themes we currently have displayed.

The new and cool kids theme is always changing, from Thomas the train, Elmo to handy Mandy and bakcyardigans we have a cake for all themes.

If you child is interested in a character or themed that we have yet to display don�t hesitate to ask us to make the cake! It's challenging to keep up with the latest and coolest characters out there, just because we haven�t made it yet doesn't mean we can't make it!

Sesame Street Birthday Cake

Children birthday cakes can be a little different, sometimes what can already be a very exciting day for your child can be elevated to a whole new place when they see their favorite character on the cake. Check out our Kid's Birthday Cakes Home Page for more specific characters and themes for a variety of kids birthday cakes.

History of Birthday Celebrations

Birthday cakes and birthday celebrations occur in many different cultures all over the world every single day. Do you know why?? We were making a birthday cake and started to wonder where did birthday cake and presents come from? How did this tradition start and catch on? So, we did a little research for you and here is what we found...

Birthday observations and celebrations can be found as far back as the Pagan culture. At this time in history people believed that on your birthday you would be visited by evil spirits. It was believed to avoid the evil spirits from having an effect you must surround yourself with friends and guests. It wasn't the birthday cake presents and party that we are a custom too now. In fact, if one of your guests did bring a gift it was viewed as a sign of honour. That being said, the most popular gift was flowers.

Birthday cakes, which is obviously our favourite part of a birthday here at MegzCakes can be found as far back as the early Greek times. You may be surprised to learn that birthday cakes can be traced back that early. There is limited information available in early records with respect to birthday parties. It is well known that Kings and Queens, along with people in key social positions had birthday parties in honour of their birthday. One theory as to why documentation only exists for the nobility is simply due to the fact they had the resources and wealth to throw a birthday party. It is believed that the Greeks, took both round or moon shaped cakes to the temple, called the Temple of Artemis, the Goddess of Moon. The Greeks even started the birthday candle tradition, candles were placed in the cakes to make the cake look like it resembles the light of the moon. Other people used the candles to ensure the gods who where believed to live in sky would receive the persons pray or message. Today many cultures use the candles to represent the light of life and believe that if you blow out all your candles at once you will have good luck!!

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